Student Council

Holy Family Catholic School has a very active student council . We are proud of the active involvement of our students in raising funds and in helping make the school an active participant in our local communities. Each member of our student council represents Holy Family Catholic School not only at school but outside our school community.


2016-2017 Student Council

President  Julia Zara
Vice President Lauren Cannon
Secretary Roxy-Ann Pabello
Treasurer Alejandro Cosper
Religion Commissioner Katherine Pollock
Publicity Commissioner Danica Galang
Global Commissioner of Change Taylor Paton
Local Commissioner of Change Sara Felker
Sports Commissioner Mikayla Jarvis
Kindergarten Rep Seraphina Torres
1st Grade Rep Annaliese Wolf
2nd Grade Rep Max Gee
3rd Grade Rep Carmen Lloyd
4th Grade Rep Lumiere Calleung
5th Grade Rep Lucas Cosper
6th Grade Rep Sydney Dukes
7th Grade Rep Lily Ann Senner
8th Grade Rep Kay Cosper

HFCS Class Colors

1st GradeOrange
2nd GradeLight Blue
3rd GradeNeon Green
4th GradeYellow
5th GradeHot Pink
6th GradeBlack
7th GradePurple
8th GradeTie Dye