Preschool Application

The following forms represent the information required to register your child at Holy Family Preschool. You will find Licensing forms and Holy Family required documents. Please review, complete and sign all forms posted under this section. Forms numbered 2-13, are required application forms. All remaining forms serve as informational. You will need to take the Physicans Report to your child's doctor for completion. You have 30 days from enrollment to get that completed and returned to our office. The completed application can be mailed or delivered to our preschool address.

All applicants must meet with the Preschool Director prior to enrollment. Mrs. Lucy Eberhardt or Mrs. Cindy Wilkinson can be contacted at 916-722-4620.

Order of Forms:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Admission Agreement
  3. Identification and Emergency Information Child Care Centers LIC 700 (8/08)
  4. Preschool Registration
  5. Admission Application
  6. Child's Preadmission Health History-Parent's Report LIC 702 (8/08)
  7. Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment LIC 627 (9/08)
  8. Physician's Report - Child Care Centers LIC 701 (8/08)
  9. Personal Rights LIC 613A (8/08)
  10. Child Care Center - Notification of Parents Rights LIC 995 (9/08)
  11. All About Me and My Family
  12. Holy Family Preschool Time and Talent Sheet
  13. Website/Media Guidelines
  14. Illness/Wellness Policy
  15. Sample Snack Menu
  16. California Immunization Requirements for Child Care
  17. Welcome Letter
  18. Sunscreen permission slip
  19. Electonic Fund Transfer