Catholic School Advisory Commission (CSAC)

The Catholic Schools Advisory Commission (CSAC) is organized and functions under the Canons of the Roman Catholic Church and the policies and procedures of the Diocesan School Board and the Catholic School Department of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento for religious, educational, and charitable purposes.

CSAC is an advisory commission that works directly with the pastor and the principal. The CSAC members bring forth their knowledge and experience in finance, budget planning, construction/building maintenance, marketing, Catholic education and being a parent in the Holy Family Catholic School Community to help advise the pastor and principal in these areas for our school.

CSAC Members 2017-2018


President:Larry CannonMember:Renton Kreling
Member: Priscilla NewburnMember:ShaKay Mack
Member:Lisa RalphMember: Cindy Heisler
Member:Amalia Griego  

CSAC Mission Statement

Members of the school board are committed to taking an active part in establishing guidelines to promote and enhance Catholic education; to meeting the challenge of finding new and innovative ways to financially provide for scholastic programs and their accompanying technological advancements; and to providing a safe and Christian environment for our children.

Download CSAC Bylaws (rev. May 2010)