Faculty and Staff

Meet the Teachers

Holy Family Catholic School (HFCS) is blessed with a dedicated and caring group of teachers, faculty and staff to guide your children through their educational experience at Holy Family Catholic School.

Megan Kilpatrick Megan Kilpatrick
Mrs. Danielle Monroy Mrs. Danielle Monroy
Mrs. Molly Frandrup Mrs. Molly Frandrup
Mrs. Laurie Root Mrs. Laurie Root
Mr. Casey Valine Mr. Casey Valine
Mr. James Walker Mr. James Walker
Mrs. Tina Sweeney Mrs. Tina Sweeney
Mrs. Denise Remick Mrs. Denise Remick
  • Position: Seventh Grade Homeroom Teacher
  • Years of Experience: 15
  • Years at HFCS: 13
  • Education: CSU Sacramento
  • Email: dremick@holyfamilyca.org
Mrs. Leanna Patterson Mrs. Leanna Patterson
  • Position: Eighth Grade Home Room and Math Teacher
  • Years of Experience: 25 years of teaching experience, beginning with teaching basic database design and implementation
  • Years at HFCS: 20; Math-A-Thon Coach for 14 years and Academic Decathalon Coach for the past 7 years
  • Education: B.A. Liberal Arts degree with a minor in Business, completion of Managing a Differentiated Learning Classroom certificate
  • Interests/Hobbies: I love to play golf, read and cook.
  • Email: lpatterson@holyfamilyca.org
Mrs. Barbara Marsolais Mrs. Barbara Marsolais
  • Position: P.E.Teacher & Athletic Director
  • Years of Experience: 34
  • Years at HFCS: 25
  • Education: El Cammion
  • Interests/Hobbies: Like to Cook, Art & Crafts, Swim, Photography, Give back to the community in different services
  • Email: bmarsolais@holyfamilyca.org
Mrs. Wendy Moresi Mrs. Wendy Moresi
Mrs. Gina Williams Mrs. Gina Williams
Mrs. Michelle Spencer Mrs. Michelle Spencer
  • Position: 1st Grade Teacher's Aide
  • Years of Experience: 6 Years
  • Years at HFCS: 6 Years
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, CSU Sacramento
  • Interests/Hobbies: spending time with my family including all of their sporting activities, cooking, and kings basketball
  • Email: michelle-spencer@comcast.net
Mrs. Kris Brown Mrs. Kris Brown
  • Position: 3rd Grade Teacher's Aide
  • Years of Experience: 5 Years
  • Years at HFCS: 5 Years
  • Education: BA Psychology University of San Diego, Master of Social Work University of Southern California
  • Interests/Hobbies: Book Club, Cooking, Outdoor Enthusiast, Girl Scouts