School Liturgy

All students (grades K-8) and staff will attend 8:30 AM Mass every Wednesday. Parents are welcome to share in the celebration.

The School Mass uniform attire for Wednesdays is:
Boys: long pants
Girls: jumpers or skirts

Liturgy Schedule for 2016-17, 8:30 AM Masses

Aug. 15, 2016MondayOpening School MassFaculty
Sept. 7, 2016WednesdayStudent Council InstallationStudent Council
Oct. 5, 2016Wednesday Sixth Grade
Nov. 16, 2016WednesdayThanksgiving MassFifth Grade
Dec. 14, 2016WednesdayStocking MassFourth Grade
Jan. 4, 2017Wednesday Third Grade
Jan. 30, 2017MondayGrandparent’s Day 
Feb. 1, 2017Wednesday First Grade
Mar. 1, 2017WednesdayAsh Wednesday 
Mar. 8, 2017Wednesday K w/Buddies
Apr. 5, 2017Wednesday Second Grade
May 17, 2017WednesdayPassing the LightSeventh Grade
May 26, 2017WednesdayGraduation MassEighth Grade
May 31, 2017WednesdayLast School MassFaculty