Holy Family School Character Counts

Holy Family staff feels that character development is important in developing healthy values. It is our goal to encourage positive qualities, so that Holy Family students will develop good character, make appropriate choices, and be effective leaders.

Holy Family School has successfully integrated Catholic values throughout the entire curriculum. Staff and students participate and support many outreach programs. These programs not only provide support to the community they also renew Catholic values among staff and students. Some of the programs in which Holy Family Catholic School has effectively participated in: Father Madigan’s Food Bank, Baby Bottle Money (collection for new mothers). Stocking mass,(toys for children), Thanksgiving Gift baskets (food for community) and placemats and cards (for the senior community).

For Students, programs such as Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts are held and recognized at Holy Family School to reinforce Christian values. All grades attend School Mass together. Teachers and students rotate planning and participation of school Masses. Daily prayer is valued and embraced at Holy Family School. Holy Family staff, students, and families gather in the schools’ prayer garden each morning for a community prayer service and announcements. Teachers begin and end the day with prayer. Prayer is said at all school sports’ games and school functions. Students are accountable to adhere to discipline guidelines that reinforce Christ-Like Behavior.

The character traits program reinforces Christ-like Behavior for students at school and at home as well. Our goal is to work together to help each student learn to grow and develop to his or her full potential. The character traits program includes the specific focus traits for each month, and they are embedded in a schoolwide climate.

On the first day of each month, staff members introduce the character trait and post in their classrooms, Teachers use the character traits as a focus for classroom meetings and discussions, as a prompt for writing activities and as models for good behavior.

Staff members choose students who have best modeled the character behavior for the current month. On the first Monday of the month, Student Council presents the character trait winners from the previous month with a certificate and a free dress pass during Morning Prayer. The character trait winners will have their picture for the school yearbook and website.

For the program to be successful, parents and staff need to work together to reinforce character trait values at school and at home. Thank you for your support and participation.

Holy Family Staff

Character Counts

September's Character Trait: Responsibility

October's Character Trait: Self-Control

November's Character Trait: Thankfulness

December's Character Trait: Generosity

January's Character Trait: Punctuality

February's Character Trait: Kindness

March's Character Trait: Honesty

April's Character Trait: Tolerance

May's Character Trait: Manners